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"The easy way to your designer home"

Transforming your home to look like a designer home shouldn’t be rocket science. That’s why we’re making things easy for you.


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Bespoke home interiors? Check. Affordable and cost-effective? For sure. Quick turnaround time? You bet. So whether you’re looking to create a space that blends personality and practicality or wishing to design a place that your family can call home, Easy Home is the answer. 

Don’t know where to start? Just choose your preferred theme and we’ll help customise it to your space and needs. It’s that easy.

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A refuge for the modern soul

Warm. Cosy. Comfortable. The Urban Zen theme is characterised by natural palettes, light timbers, and neutral fabrics to create an ideal living space that looks sophisticated and inviting.

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Timeless classic redefined

Influenced by modern simplicity and statement-making furnishings, the Executive theme instantly evokes an air of elegance and glamour through a mix of bold patterns and moody hues.

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Industrial loft meets rustic luxe

Functional yet understated, the Mocha theme is centred around contemporary touches with minimalistic finishes. Think simple, clean lines that naturally invite a sense of serenity into the space.

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A touch of drama and elegance

Perfect for those who love sleek monochromatic interiors and playful geometric accents. The Monochrome Luxe theme is a bold way to give character to your space

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More than shades of grey

A mix of modern design classics that gives a laid-back feel, the Minimalist Grey theme layers light and dark shades from deep charcoal hues to sultry grey tones

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Dreamy pops of colour

Whimsical, inviting and fun. The Chic Pastel theme has all the ingredients to create a space that is full of life and sunshine with a vibrant colour palette of soothing pastels.

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Mid-century modern living

Taking inspiration from the past, the Modern Retro theme is a blend of vintage styling and statement-making modern silhouettes. This unexpected mix of aesthetic lends to its charming appeal.


Why Choose Us

It’s not hard to see the reasons behind why many homeowners have opted for Easy Home.

Up to 12 Months Warranty

Moving into your dream designer home should be stress-free. And that’s our guarantee. For more details about our warranty, find out more from our consultants.

Over 2000 Units Delivered In Malaysia

Not forgetting the countless joyous smiles from our customers that come together with it.

Designed By Professionals

Our team of experts are equipped to design your home based on your needs and preferences.


Your home will be ready in 30 working days — depending on the size of the property. Or we’ll compensate for each day we delay. 

Terms and conditions apply.

Flexible Payment Method

Getting a new home ready may not be the cheapest. That’s why we’re accepting different payment options, whichever is convenient to you. Ask our consultants for available payment plans.

Regular Updates From Us

We’ll keep you posted throughout the renovation process, so can stay up to date on the project milestones.




“Flexibility in accommodating to my design requirement to the overall designer suite. Overall, fast problem resolution and on-time project delivery. Love my spacious and cosy new abode... Just the way I had anticipated it”

Christine, Nadayu

“Thanks to the team for a job well done! The home works cohesively as a whole, taking into consideration how each element works together holistically. Overall colour and design provides warmth, coziness and home-ness feel. Also catering to my personal request and needs”

Vincent, The Parque

“Thank you for all your efforts to make this house truly enjoyable for my wife and me. We still can’t believe this is happening… Great job, great service, we appreciate that. Recommended to friend 10 out of 10!”

Michael, Havre

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